Time is the greatest luxury

Securing your dreams takes effort and energy, leaving very little time for wealth management. We can help you with that responsibility.

We see ourselves as educators and advocates who seek to bring you the knowledge you need to make important financial decisions prudently and in a timely manner. Common sense and experience are important ingredients for successful wealth-management solutions.

You've worked hard for your money; now you want your money to work hard for you in a responsible manner.  You want it to provide a nest egg that will enable you to maintain or enhance your current lifestyle throughout your retirement, build the value of your estate, give philanthropic and charitable support, and much more.

Along with the realization that you need to provide for your future comes the toughest challenge of all: knowing how to succeed at it.  Managing an investment portfolio successfully can be a full-time job, and investing in a broadly diversified mix of industries on your own can require exhaustive research. It may be time to consider the benefits of retaining a professional.

In developing and maintaining a well-thought-out wealth accumulation and preservation plan, Charles River Financial Services focuses on a variety of personalized strategies unique to each individual or family. Searching out solid investments that will prosper along with the economy takes experience and expertise.

Today, investors are confronted by more than three times as many investment choices as they were 15 years ago—options that go far beyond the traditional stocks, bonds, and cash. Changing tax laws, complicated estate-planning rules, volatile markets, and the globalization of the investment community add to the confusion. We believe that only a professional has the time, training, and judgment to give you and your goals the special attention they need and deserve.

Given the constantly changing economic environment, we like to develop long-term relationships with our clients so that we can remain familiar with their unique needs and priorities. We realize that the important choices you make today will be even more important to your wealth tomorrow.

How many times have you retired? We've retired a few hundred times—by helping others down that very path. Anyone can retire—the goal is staying retired.

With almost 30 years of experience, a sophisticated approach to planning, and a focus on income-tax savings, we've made a commitment to our wealth-management clients.

Paul T. Sullivan
Charles River Financial Services, LLC